About Us
  The Team and its Expertise
The people who create customers’ new outdoor environments
All team members are among the finest in their trades, benefit from years of experience, and are fully certified, licensed and insured.
Horticulture – Experts knowledgeable in a wide variety of plants and trees, their aesthetic capabilities, planting cycles and the ideal soils and conditions for years of healthy growth.
Stone Masonry – Skilled masons with years of experience in forming and joining both domestic and imported rocks and stones in the most artistic and creative ways with the greatest structural integrity.
Electricity – Highly experienced in the safest and most cost-effective ways to achieve the effects the customers want through specific appliances like water pumps and dramatic exterior lighting.
In addition, other specialists like carpenters, cabinetmakers and plumbers are utilized.

About Richard Burns

“Customers come to me and say they found a special place in the environment I created where they can sit, feel peaceful and be hypnotized by the calm and the beauty.”