The Process
How new exterior environments become realities
  Information Gathering – Interviews are conducted with customers to understand their lifestyles, their desires for their homes, and their visions for their new outdoor environments. To help customers visualize their ideas, they are shown varieties of plants at nurseries and different kinds of stones and other materials at suppliers’ locations.
Planning – Richard Burns develops overall concepts and specific forms for the new outdoor environment. After he shares his ideas with customers and makes any necessary adjustments, work can begin.
Implementation – Master craftsmen utilize the finest natural materials and plants to build the new environment with the greatest structural integrity. Richard supervises and retains responsibility for every element and every phase of planting and construction.
Completion – Richard carefully makes final adjustments, adds finishing touches, and tests all systems. Then, he carefully walks customers through and demonstrates every portion of the project. He only approves completion when the entire project exceeds the customers’ expectations.

“I live for one statement from my customers: ‘Richard, you did what you promised and more.’”